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Nail Drill Sets Lys001-Lys008


Nail set, tungsten steel alloy grinding head, high-quality ceramic nail removal grinding head, nail polish cleaning tool

2.35mm shank diameter

Suitable for processing nails, glass, plastic, metal, stone, tiles, ceramics, etc.

high working efficiency

Perfect grinding results and long service life.

Basically replace the small grinding wheel with the handle, and there is no dust pollution.

Easy to Grind

easy to use

Safe and reliable

If you are a DIYer or hobbyist and craft lover, give your rotary tools more versatility with this set of diamond burrs

Can be installed on electronic grinders, hand grinders and hand drills.

Engraving, dressing, precision grinding and internal grinding carbides for ceramics, glass, gemstones, alloys and many abrasive materials